The Document Index Generator Help

IMPORTANT - Be sure to have Microsoft Word or other .docx file compatible word processor installed on your Windows 10 (or later) system. Also, if you have not already done so, please download and install The Document Index Generator Click here to download the install.


SETUP The Document Index Generator with the Subscription ID (Token)

With your xAIgent Token in hand (trial/subscribe -
  • Launch The Document Index Generator (Windows Start Menu/ All Apps/ dbi technologies inc/ Launch The Document Index Generator).
  • Once The Document Index Generator app has launched, navigate toward the upper left-hand corner of the interface and Select 'System.
  • Next - Select 'Setup', and a dialogue will appear.

  • Paste your xAIgent Token / Subscription ID into the xAIgent Subscription ID Field and then click 'Okay'


Working with the Document Index Generator


  • Click on “1. Click to Select Document” and select the document (.docx) to be indexed
  • With your document selected, “2. Set the Number of Keyphrases (density) per page” by increasing or decreasing the value in the numeric spinner. Options range from 3 to 30. The higher the number the more Keyphrases per page are selected for the index.
  • Next, click the hyperlink “3. Click to Generate Concordance Table" NOTE: Creating the Concordance Table will take a minute or two depending upon the size of the document.
  • When the creation of the Concordance Table is complete - you can Review/Edit the Concordance Table presented in the Concordance Table tab below the process steps. For verification purposes you may select the 'Paged Document' tab to review the selected keyphrases for each page to be used for the index.
  • Once the Concordance Table has been created and you have completed your edits to the list of target Index keykphrases, select the next item - 'Click to Create Index in Document'
  • This step of the indexing process will sort through the Concordance Table and create your Back-Of-The-Book Index…




  • If you are downloading a document to then be processed by The Document Index Generator, be sure to enable full functioning of the file by Right Mouse Clicking on the file, Select Properties from the context menu, and then check the Unblock checkbox (see below)
  • Have a .doc file ? Switch it to a .docx file – send us a note and we’ll send you a file conversion utility ...