DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software company supplying Enterprise software developers with reusable tools for visualizing Enterprise Resource Data. Resource Data that encompasses Physical and Human Assets, as well, Informational Assets, which we do in two ways:

One, by expressing and simplifying the complexities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with tools capable of visualizing up to five data dimensions in a single view;

Two, by offering Developers and Knowledge Workers the right tools for elevating the findability of Enterprise Informational Resources, automatically by exposing Contextually Accurate Metadata about any subject matter content and then applying those metadata to each content profile making those Enterprise Informational Resources Contextually Relevant and Accurately Findable.

DBI is an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development software and services, supplying creative solutions for our customers, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound architectures. DBI sets the standard for IDE compliant component architectures. Built to rugged specifications and requirements. DBI component-based software performs with precision and with implementation ease.

There's information in one of these documents on 'this' subject - where is it?
The file name must have some resemblance to the topic...

Documents prepared with contextually accurate Content Description Tags allow for that document and subject matter to be found and surfaced instantly. With contextual relevance. Tags are the key to unlocking the full potential of the subject matter and the content enshrined in that document.

Adding 100% objective and contextually accurate Tags (keywords) to a document supports the W3C semantic web standards for online document publishing.